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Our lives are already largely dependant on technology from the moment we wake up till the moment we go to sleep. And what drives all this technology? The answer is simple-Data.

The dependence on data has opened new doors to the industry of data centers. Picture a future world, tech driven smart cities, instant services, electric driver less cars, mixed reality working spaces, intelligent homes and what not.

But what drives them is data. Data is like time capsule that holds the past, drives the present and engineers the future. Technologies such as mass scale power banks, AI, IoT, neural languages, machine learning are the new arenas which the abundant skilled of Madhya Pradesh needs to tap.

As per a report from 2018 state of Madhya Pradesh has 215 engineering colleges with 1,01,535 students; over 58 per cent seats go vacant due to non-availability of students annually. In all, the engineering colleges in the state have over 98,000 seats vacant annually and several colleges are opting for closure.

The conventional industries are too much burdened from the raw material scarcity, power consumption issues and slowing down demand the implementation of new ground breaking technologies.

Madhya Pradesh which yet cannot be counted as a nascent market can generate noise with huge manpower. However, IT infrastructure is biggest hurdle for cloud computing services that drives the data mining industry. Infrastructure is the main challenge and the motivator for change and modernisation of IT industry in the state.

Future of Madhya Pradesh in data center industry lies in colocation and public cloud provider companies. Madhya Pradesh can create its new image in data centre business. 690 acres land is reserved by the state government at 9 different locations.

As per state policy up to 75 percent rebate in the cost for setting up units on government land can also be given to the interested companies. Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath met with Max Peterson, vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS) on opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. As per an official release the AWS VP said that the company wishes to start business in Madhya Pradesh.

Cm of MP Kamal Nath met with Max Peterson

MP CM Nath is on a visit to the World Economic Forum’s annual meet at Davos from where the state has attracted an investment 4125 crore. Also, Madhya Pradesh is one of leading states with a ‘virtual IT cadre’ for better implementation of e-governance projects.

With ample space and manpower MP has edge in disrupting business models by providing data center space which is a growing competition when hybrid roadmaps are being discussed. Earlier, Reliance had shown interests in Madhya Pradesh for data centers as its chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced venturing into new space of data centers.

Reliance has said it would offer Microsoft cloud services to small and medium enterprises through Jio, and also set up data centres that would run Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

India’s local and global for data localisation, which require certain kinds of data to be stored within the country, has generated significant demand already as it is estimated that over 75% of this data now resides outside the country.

The next revolution is 5G and as it rolls out the IoT industry is going to gain power and Madhya Pradesh better be ready for it, because the future is happening now.

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