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Whatever it takes to protect our children and families. Are you with us?

Coronavirus disease is a pandemic and efforts to contain and cure is a race against time. The government of Madhya Pradesh is putting all its efforts and is looking for new ways to prevent the spread, contain, treat and cure the affected people.

You are reading this while on lockdown yourself, or while watching the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread rapidly and without discrimination, make its way across. No doubt you have thought, what can I do? How can I make a difference?

The government has pressed all of its available resources to safeguard you. The government has stepped up the testing capacity where on Friday 900 samples were sent to Delhi for testing. At the same time more and more samples are being tested in the state laboratories.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh is sending hundreds of samples for testing in Delhi. State aircraft is being used for the purpose

Indore district which is most affected is now testing 2,100 persons per million population, which is 10 times higher than the state average. Alongside maintaining the essential supplies, many of which are critical resources, the government and administration are working tirelessly to keep the system well in synchronisation. Essential medicines are in stock and those in requirement are in continuous procurement.

The state level control room is working day and night helping citizens in and out of the state and has received well over 18,000 calls. Around 6,000 calls were received from out of Madhya Pradesh. Of the total calls help has reached already to over 15,000 people.

We have already started wheat procurement across the state. Residents of Madhya Pradesh stranded in other states are being provided help for which a team of 7 senior IAS officers has been deputed. Plus, we are providing financial help to laborers stranded in other states. We are constantly working with all the stakeholders including the industry people, health, and people who can help.

The ask is simple and we need your support now more than ever: Stay at home and be safe, while keeping another safe. If you need to go outside, wear a mask, follow social distancing and wash hands.

We will do whatever it takes to win this battle

Don’t Forget

  1. STAY home
  2. KEEP a safe distance
  3. WASH hands often
  4. COVER your cough
  5. SICK? Call the helpline 104

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