Move aimed to keep the patient’s morale high

Bhopal: The government of Madhya Pradesh has launched entertainment facilities at its quarantine centers in the times of Coronavirus pandemic.

The government is institutionalising hundreds of people in quarantine centers who are suspected carriers of Coronavirus. They are also being kept to isolate and prevent any further spread of the contagion. A senior official said the quarantine period of 14 days challenges mental health with all the patients and restrictions around. By launching recreational facilities, we aim to keep the morale of people high and they should not take the period as confinement.

The Jansampark or Public Relations Department has launched recreational facilities in 18 quarantine centers of Indore, Ujjain, and Bhopal district. Another officer said staying in these quarantine centers for many days, due to limited activities and staying away from their families, can create conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression among the people living here. They can be restless. Awareness and recreational activities are being organized at institutional quarantine centers so that these people can get relief from stress and get emotional support.

People living in these quarantine centers are enjoying this initiative of the department and are also strengthening their morale in the battle with Coronavirus, the department officials said. The outline of these activities have been designed in such a way that along with these activities, information about the efforts being made by the government in this direction to prevent the corona infection and also get information. People living in quarantine adopt social distancing and other precautions to be taken.

Television sets with cable connections have been installed at these institutional quarantine centers in which inmates can watch movies, songs etc. In order to conduct indoor sports activities at these centers kits of sports equipment have also been provided.

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